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    Have women never had good pockets? 6 May 2022

    Not necessarily. According to the V&A, 'tie-on' pockets were popular from the 17th century onwards. They were able to fit under petticoats, and were useful to hide anything that a woman wanted to keep to themselves. In an age where you had no personal freedom, they would be a haven where women could keep their private things safe with many choosing to sleep with the pockets underneath their pillows. And they were big, as they were homemade they were as big as you wanted them to be. In one case there was a story of a woman in 1770 trying to hide an afterbirth her pocket! Around the 19th century, the 'tie-on' pockets became less favourable after the Industrial Revolution (although you can still find them on Etsy), where women were not necessarily making their own clothes , and it seemed to go downhill from there. When men design women's clothes there will be tendency to form over function. Still I see lots of clothes which are described as 'seamless'. In my experience 'seamless' usually means 'no pockets'.

    Things do seem to be getting better though, as women are demanding more pockets, and I am finding more and more women's clothes with pockets. Still not as big as men's, obviously. But part of the hope of this site, is that it sends a message to the fashion industry that women will buy clothes specifically because they have good pockets.

    Collectif - Vintage clothes with pockets 22 April 2022

    Ok we now have Collectif on board which means you can now get lovely vintage dresses with pockets.

    Size Filtering 22 April 2022

    Ok, so now you don't have to go to a page and find out that there is only size 6 in stock! Which I find pretty annoying, and I'm sure you do too (unless you're a size 6, of course). If you click on the 'Only show what fits me!' button you can filter by the sizes that suit you.

    Progress being made 19 April 2022

    So, a lot has happened here over the last few months, we have rapidly increased our product range. You can now find a vast selection of leggings with pockets, pyjamas with pockets, tops with pockets and of course dresses with pockets! It's all very exciting. In addition, we have relaunched the newsletter so that you can get an update on what's new in pockets.

    The big launch! 7 March 2022

    Well, it took a few months, but finally it's here! Take a look around, find your pockets with our pocket finder, and pocket them for later wherever you see the pocket it button. Have you got any questions about the site? Any good retailers you suggest we get on here? Please contact us.

    Have you tried some of the clothes with pockets on here? Please let us know how the big the pockets are, by leaving a pocket review.